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Velvet Spider found in England

A lil about me

Artist Profile

I grew up in Oakland California to a Guatemalan immigrant father, and a British mother. This led me to grow up with a very culturally mixed childhood, visiting Guatemala and England both to connect to my father and motherland. One thing I loved about both places was the different creepy-crawlies. The huge trees that seemed like I could climb into the clouds led me to daydream and wish I could share my love of the unnoticed beauty of the world with the people around me. After starting my studies at California College of the Arts as a fashion student, I decided to take a jewelry elective class just to fill up my schedule. Little did I know it led me to discovering the craft of metal work and jewelry that now has become the sole focus of my life and career. I hope you enjoy my weird wonderful pieces and that you can find one that speaks to you.

Spiny Orb Weaver found in Guatemala
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